miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Get down to business....

These days we began to build the structure that will support our bridge, as designed and established measures.
On a wooden base 16 mm particle board we got a rectangular frame 40 cm, and is bolted to the base.
The upper cross frame has joined the side pillars by an assembly with two small spikes.To reinforce this union they have been glued.

The Drawbridge board, will join the support frame by two small wooden hinge screws threadably.
At the other end it will be supported on a platform supported by four pillars fixed.

These pillars along with a triangulated lattice of "beams" that unites, will give strength to the fixed structure.

Wooden sticks forming the triangular lattice of the fixed platform are attached with glue and thermal fuse attached to the pillars of the platform by small holes, which has been a major challenge.


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